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I'm gradually coming to accept "website" (one word), over "web site" (two words). I haven't been consistent in my own writing but will start trying to be.

By such tiny notches does my life ratchet forward.

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Where Does the Fat Go?

Pop quiz: when you lose weight — specifically, when you lose fat — where does it go? Did you ever stop to wonder? If so, did you assume it leaves your body in the form of sweat, pee, and/or poop? Guess again!

Turns out most of the mass of the fat you lose is exhaled as carbon dioxide. Don't believe me? Watch the video.

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49 Celebrities Say Farewell to Stephen Colbert

So many great stories and observations here.

Never mind intelligence and wit; the amount of compassion and being-in-the-moment that it takes to conduct a Colbert-style interview is just mind-boggling.

I like the kindness he showed his guests, both backstage and on stage. I like Ken Burns's observation that "we have to appreciate it even more: He’s doing it backward." Kind of like the old line about Ginger Rogers. If I were a public person — which I very much do not want to be, but if I were — I would absolutely kill to be interviewed by Colbert.

I love the tribute to his mother that Sarah Silverman mentions. Had not seen that.

I'm not worried about his transition to being a "regular" talk show host. I don't hold him up to some impossible expectation of how he has to outdo the genius of his Colbert Report character. Rather, I look forward to seeing the new ways in which he'll continue to be himself and continue to be kind to his guests.

The thing about a person that brilliant is, you can discuss him all day and it still doesn't compare to the actual experience of watching him do his thing. Heck, I might have to start watching TV again.

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